Black Mountain Baltic Porter Bottles Released

After a year of waiting, we’re excited to announce our barrel-aged Black Mountain Baltic Porter is ready to be released.  A year ago, we scored several Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels and filled them with a batch of our award winning Black Mountain Baltic Porter to mature quietly.  We had a hunch we’d want it to age for a while to really grab on to the bourbon and oak character of the barrels.  After waiting patiently and periodically sampling the liquid for over a year, we’re excited to finally share this beer with you.Bour

The Paradox Black Mountain Baltic Porter won the Gold Medal at the North American Brewers Association Beer Awards in 2015. We think the character of the Buffalo Trace Bourbon and oak barrel aging adds even more to this big, bold beer.

If you’ve signed up at the brewery or at an event for your two bottles, they’re now ready for pick-up.  We will be holding the bottles for 60 days so if you can’t make it up to the brewery please let us know and we can make other arraignments.  We have reserved a small number of bottles to be sold directly from the Tasting Room as well.

We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we have brewing and aging it!