Paradox Spelt Saison Bottles win medal at NABA, released this week

The Forever Wild Series: Spelt Saison is our first 100% brett fermented beer and we’re thrilled and humbled that it just won a bronze medal at the North American Beer Awards! The bottles will be released this week at our brewery, select beverage centers, and bottle shops.

spelt-saisonWe’ve been working on developing our own Brett (Brettanomyces) culture of wild yeast strains over the past year and we’ve experimented with several base beers and casks. We’ve been plating
wild yeast strains we enjoy in other beers and have captured a few wild strains to create our own unique Paradox culture we’ve dubbed, “Machine Gun Funk.”

The brett fermentation gives the beer a different flavor profile than the traditional brewer’s yeast. Our Machine Gun Funk provides a fruit-ester forward, dry flavor profile, with just a little bit of funk.

The Saison style is a great beer to highlight what this wild yeast culture can do. Saisons are a traditional Belgian style beer that are dry and highly carbonated with lots of estery yeast character. This style allows us to really highlight what Machine Gun Funk is all about.

After spending a month fermenting in oak, and a few more weeks reconditioning in bottles, this beer is finally ready for you to try out. We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we have brewing it.

Check out Devon Hamilton, our Head Brewer discussing the character the brett adds to the beer:

You can learn more about the beer on Our Beer page.