WEATHER is a new beer series focused on the hops. The style of beer will change as well as the hop blend each release but the focus remains the same, the hops. It gives us a chance to play with all of the new and exciting hops everyone enjoys drinking and each iteration will be different to keep you coming back for more. This will be packaged in 16oz 4-packs primarily at the brewery with very limited distribution.
Pay attention to social media as well as this page for release updates and information about the beer since they will be identified by the date code on the can.

Weather 1

The first beer being released in our WEATHER series is a Hoppy Helles. This will be an unfiltered lager with exciting German hops in the kettle as well as the dry-hop and fermented with our house lager yeast. Hops used are Mandarina Bavaria, Hallertau Blanc, and Ariana.  Stay tuned for a release date towards the end of summer.

Weather 2

The second beer being released in our WEATHER series is a Pale Ale featuring two unique varieties of  European hops. Jester hails from the United Kingdom while Barbe Rouge has its origins in France. Both are explosive hops so expect big flavors and aromas out of this Pale Ale. Stay tuned for this rendition of WEATHER which will be released in the early fall!