WEATHER is a beer series focused on the hops. The style of beer will change as well as the hop blend each release but the focus remains the same, the hops. It gives us a chance to play with all of the new and exciting hops everyone enjoys drinking and each iteration will be different to keep you coming back for more. This will be packaged in 16oz 4-packs primarily at the brewery with very limited distribution.
Pay attention to social media as well as this page for release updates and information about the beer since they will be identified by the date code on the can.

Weather 11

This month for our Weather Series we are using hop hash in a Pale Ale. What is hop hash you ask? Hop hash is the powder built up from pellet formation by a hammer mill and is mostly free of plant matter.  The hash is basically a pure form of all the good stuff in hops!

Weather 10--5/17 Date Code

Weather this month is getting the cross over treatment. We are taking the NE IPA but fermenting it with our favorite strain of Belgian Yeast. A blend of El Dorado, Idaho 7, Meridian, and Blanc provide tasting notes of melon, stone fruit, and kiwi.

May 25 Release

Weather 9

Weather this month is getting sessionable with a new  NE Session IPA. Expect big citrus, fruity, and tropical clouds of hops coming from Citra, Bru-1, and Southern Cross. Clocking in under 5% makes this a perfect crusher.

Weather 8--3/27 Date Code

Expect things to get a little icy with this weather. Moteuka and Vic Secret hops as well as Mosaic and Citra cryo hop powder are going to make this DDH Northeast DIPA a citrusy, tropical, and juicy treat!

What are cryo hops? It is the process of extracting lupulin form the hops using liquid nitrogen. This process enhances the flavor and aroma in the beer.


Friday April 6 Release in the tasting room!

Weather 7--2/26 date code

This batch of Weather is calling for Hoppiness in the form of a Cream Ale. Hops used were Meridian, Ahtanum, and Enigma. Expect a big tropical burst with notes of orange and peach.


Release Friday March 2 in the Tasting Room

Weather 6--1/29 Date Code

Expect this iteration of WEATHER to turn sour. We will be souring the wort in the kettle and dry hopping it like an IPA in the fermenter. It will be snowing El Dorado, Wakatu, and Vic Secret hops to produce a hoppy kettle sour with passionfruit, pineapple, and berry attributes. 4.5% abv


February 2, 2018 Release!

Weather 5--1/2 date code

This WEATHER is rolling in as a Northeast DIPA. A strong force of Amarillo,Meridian, Centennial, and Idaho 007 hops are sure to produce a storm of flavors and aromas. Notes of apricot, red grapefruit, and papaya are sure to brighten your winter day!

Friday January 12, 2018 Release date

Weather 4---11.21.17 date code

The forecast for this WEATHER beer calls for a heavy dose of hops in the form of a Northeast Style IPA. A blend of Chinook, Simcoe, Denali, and Ekuanot hops will provide a pleasant citrus burst complimented by tropical and fruity goodness! Sounds like Sunshine in a glass!

Friday 12/1 Release